Giving Thanks

The cHealth Blog is almost four years old.  during that time, I’ve been both flattered and pleased as readership has grown and other outlets have seen fit to re-publish many of the posts.  I’ve learned lots during that time but one key learning is that blogging truly is a social media experience. I’ve gotten many great comments from readers.  Some have helped shape the direction of the Center for Connected Health. All have been educational for me.  


I thank all of you for both reading and for your enthusiastic commentary.  


Almost nothing of import is done by one individual.  Successful leaders recognize their own shortcomings and surround themselves with people who are strong in those areas creating a ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ management structure.  This blog is no different.  Each post is conceived and drafted by yours truly, but critiqued and shaped by a core group of colleagues and advisors.


This week marks the US holiday of Thanksgiving and I thought it a fitting time for me to recognize the contributions of my colleagues.  I will mention each of them briefly in alphabetical order.


Gina Cella (@Gina_M_Cella) has managed media relations for the Center for Connected Health for years now.  Each time I draft a post, she steadfastly checks to see if each i is dotted and t is crossed and offers thoughtful edits and criticisms.


Carol Colman (@CarolColman4) has been a partner for about 3 years now. No one is able to write better in prose that resonate with the consumer. I tend to reach for the language of scholars and Carol has been instrumental in helping me communicate in clear, straightforward  terms.  She was a found of Wellocracy and coauthor of the book “Move to a Great Body” with me.


Khinlei Myint-U (@khinlei) has been with the Center for many years now wearing lots of hats cheerfully.  She oversees all marketing and communications for the group and reviews each blog post faithfully adding wisdom each time.


Jen Priester (@jen_priester) is our marketing coordinator. She offers thoughtful commentary and makes sure formatting is just right (if this post is not right, its because I posted it without her help).


Lastly, I am indebted to Meghan Searl (@Behavior_Etc), who has provided much needed counsel and expertise in the area of clinical psychology at our Center for several years.  She reviews and comments on posts from time to time as my themes are often psychological. She is a fabulous and valuable addition to our team.


I have lots of help and each post is an amalgam of my ideas, drafts, thoughts and their edits, advice and focus.  I am indebted to each of them and to you regular readers for your comments that educate me year in and year out.