Join Us to Jam About Connected Health

As part of our mission at the Center for Connected Health, ‘to create and validate connected health solutions that empower patients and providers to transform care,’ we also engage in a number of activities to help move healthcare forward.  Our management team is often found at the podium at industry conferences, roundtable discussions, government hearings, grand rounds and other venues sharing our experience and vision; we participate in webinars, tweetchats and media interviews to help inform and motivate people to embrace health technologies.  We also host our annual Connected Health Symposium, which gathers over 1,200 industry, clinical, patient and government leaders from around the world to discuss, debate and ultimately integrate healthcare into the day-to-day lives of patients.

Next week, the Center is pleased to be participating in a first-of-its-kind online forum for the health technology ecosystem, the Innovation HealthJam, taking place June 17-19.  The Innovation HealthJam is a virtual event that brings together a diverse and knowledgeable group of people from the healthcare and technology fields to brainstorm ideas, improvements and innovation in healthcare.  We are hosting a track within the HealthJam, focusing on remote patient monitoring.

The Center is very proud to have gathered a highly-respected and experienced panel of experts to discuss the benefits, opportunities and applications of remote patient monitoring.  Remote patient monitoring can deliver timely information to healthcare providers to increase quality of care, and decrease healthcare delivery costs.  Our research and clinical programs in heart failure, diabetes and hypertension have proven this time and again.

I’m privileged to be moderating the discussion, with our panel, including Larry Brooks from Boehringer-Ingelheim, Chris Hendriksen from VRI, Vicki Smith from Qualcomm Life, Jasper zu Putlitz from ansacloud and Khinlei Myint-U from our team here at the Center.  These speakers bring years of experience and unique perspective to address issues ranging from the applications of RPM for pharmaceutical manufacturers, scalability, technical connectivity and the implementation of remote patient monitoring programs.

HealthJam attendees are encouraged to join in this virtual discussion, share ideas, promote innovation and help us answer some important questions, including: Will patients feel empowered to better self-manage their health or will they perceive home monitoring as a ‘safety net’ instead of a preventative measure?  How will healthcare providers be able to use all the transmitted data to diagnose quickly without being overloaded?

Remote patient monitoring can improve chronic disease management and provide important support for those newly discharged from the hospital.  It can also allow clinicians to provide just-in-time care for some of our sickest patients, and help keep people healthy at home.  Join us next week to share your ideas, successes and challenges. Together, we hope to find more answers, create more opportunities and help more providers and patients improve clinical outcomes and quality of life.

For more information or to register, please visit the Innovation HealthJam website.

Hope to Jam with you next week.