Why Start the cHealth Blog?

Over the years, I’ve had fun posting various musings about Connected Health and related topics. I’ve guest blogged for The Health Care Blog, Healthcare IT News, Information Week, and Science Progress to name a few.  I’ve also contributed to the Center for Connected Health’s discussion page from time to time as I have this month (a piece on Social Networking and Connected Health).  I was poking around looking for a place to post some ideas recently and when we looked at the traffic to a variety of places one could post, compared to the traffic we get at www.connected-health.org, I stumbled upon the fact that our site gets quite a bit of traffic.  I also have felt lately like I have more to say and would like the freedom to post more often.

So, I’m moving into the 21st Century. In the next few days I’ll post something more meaty  and I hope you’ll sign up for email notification OR RSS feed and join in the conversation with me.